Sticking With It

Ok so I’m 1.5 weeks into my Linux experiment. I did have to switch back to my Apple laptop for one personal thing, but it was more “it will be faster this way because I know the method”. My Linux machines could have done the work but I needed to get the job done quick, next time I’ll try to plan better and learn how to do the job in Linux. I am still heavily into Apple on the mobile and TV side (iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV), but for now those aren’t going anywhere. I have been looking to at least swap my iPad for a more Open Source friendly device, but I’m not quite there yet. For TV I have found AppleTV to be the best platform for me and it passes the “family approval test” pretty easily. For now those are going to stay but I am always investigating other options, who knows I may have to demo a Kodi box for myself to see if it can be just as good.