Weekly Adventures 2024-14-04

So this week I have moved my desktop and laptop to KDE Neon. They have fixed a bug in some March images that broke full disk encryption so I figured it was time to move from openSUSE back to Neon. The reasoning is simple, although I like openSUSE quite a bit it’s just “off” and not fully supported enough for me to run as a daily driver. The one application I need to work fully doesn’t work great (looking at you Webex) on anything but an Ubuntu base. There is also more general “on the ground” support for Ubuntu and KDE Neon also has a good mix of “bleeding edge” stuff (like Plasma 6) with that LTS (currently Ubuntu 22.04) base. I have also moved to Kagi search online. Although it’s a paid service it seems to give me much better results. If it ends up sucking or going the enshittification route I’ll bail and find something else but it’s good for now.